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[Press release] Visiblee announces $1.8M seed round and launch of US operations

Official press release: Visiblee, the French SaaS lead generation solution, announces $1.8M seed round and launch of US operations.

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B2B marketing Christmas puppy gift

Ideas for B2B marketing around Christmas

Here's a list of ideas for your Christmas B2B marketing campaign! Take advantage of December to generate leads and create engagement!

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Travailler sur l'UX de son site web

4 tips to optimise your UX

UX, for user experience, is a website’s design combined with its ease to navigate on. By improving your website's UX, you improve the whole sales process for your visitors. Generate more leads with these 4 ideas!

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[Tuto] Using Visiblee to qualify leads

Each month we are going to explain to you a couple of functionalities, old or new, of our lead generation solution Visiblee. We want you to optimise your usage of our tool and we realise that you may not know all of the small functionalities it includes. Today we are going to show you how to qualify your leads even more precisely.

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outils réseaux sociaux / social media tools

Social media: 5 tools with 5 objectives

Lots of tools for community managers exist and people usually have their favourites that they like to use. But sometimes it’s good to be reminded that new tools – especially for social media management – regularly appear. So if you’re interested in by the possibility of switching tools or discovering new ones, here’s a list of social media tools for you.

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mistakes conversion / erreurs conversion leads

6 mistakes that impact your conversion rate

If despite the money you keep on spending to acquire new leads, your conversion rate doesn’t increase, there’s a good chance you’re making one or several mistakes that strongly impact your company ​ROI.

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3 key elements to a good landing page

Landing pages have one goal: convert visitors into leads. Optimising those landing pages is thus essential for lead generation. If your landing pages are well done, your conversion rate will necessarily increase. Below are three key elements of a good landing page.

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SEO techniques for beginners

Want to improve your position in the search results but don't know how? Don't worry! Here's a short guide presenting easy SEO techniques to implement on your website to get you started.

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nouveaux outils new marketing tools 2016

[Recap Webinar] The marketing tools of 2016

This morning Visiblee hosted a Webinar in French about the new marketing tools of 2016 that will help you improve your results. We thought it was unfair that the non-French speaking readers we have couldn’t follow so we decided to make a short summary of what was said. Below are five marketing tools you should know about.

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machine learning

Machine learning, the future of marketing automation

A couple of years ago, Big Data was on everyone’s mouth and it has since then deeply changed what it is to be a marketer. Today, machine learning has taken its place and is changing again the way we do marketing, and more precisely marketing automation. Here are a couple of things you should know about that new buzzword.

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